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Web Understanding, Modeling, and Evaluation Lab

The WUME Lab houses a research group dedicated to studying search, mining and structure of the web of relationships and other information contained within human-created networks such as the WWW, social networks and citation networks. We are particularly interested in web search, link analysis models, spam for search engines (and other networks), and models of trust and authority. Although not our focus at present, we also have long-standing interests in infrastructure, architecture, measurement, mobility, and evaluation for the Internet and peer-to-peer networks. It is directed by Prof. Brian D. Davison and is a part of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Lehigh University.

The latest news from the WUME Lab:

6 January 2014Dawei Yin's papers on Exploiting Contextual Factors for Click Modeling in Sponsored Search and Estimating Ad Group Performance in Sponsored Search have been accepted to WSDM 2014 in New York City.
9 September 2013Prof. Davison started his sabbatical at Facebook as a visiting professor in Menlo Park, CA.
27 August 2013Zaihan presented our paper on Academic Network Analysis: A Joint Topic Modeling Approach at ASONAM 2013 in Niagara Falls.
24 July 2013Dawei Yin successfully defended his dissertation entitled Prediction and Recommendation in Online Media
20 May 2013Congratulations to Liangjie and Na, who officially graduated with their PhDs, and to Jen with her MS degree! Best wishes at Yahoo! Labs and at Google!
14 May 2013Prof. Davison appointed to the ACM Transactions on the Web (TWEB) editorial board.
9 April 2013Liangjie Hong successfully defended his dissertation entitled Mining and Understanding Online Conversational Media
8 February 2013Prof. Davison presented our work (nominated for best paper) on Co-Factorization Machines: Modeling User Interests and Predicting Individual Decisions in Twitter at WSDM 2013 in Rome Italy.
8 February 2013Dawei Yin presented our paper on Connecting Comments and Tags: Improved Modeling of Social Tagging Systems at WSDM 2013 in Rome Italy.
12 December 2012Zaihan Yang presented our work on Writing with Style: Venue Classification and Venue Recommendation: Submitting your Paper with Style at ICMLA 2012 in Boca Raton.
28 September 2012Liangjie Hong presented our work on Personalized Retweet Prediction in Twitter at WIN 2012 at NYU in New York City.

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