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Web Understanding, Modeling, and Evaluation Lab

The WUME Lab houses a research group dedicated to studying search, mining and structure of the web of relationships and other information contained within human-created networks such as the WWW, social networks and citation networks. We are particularly interested in web search, link analysis models, spam for search engines (and other networks), and models of trust and authority. It is directed by Prof. Brian D. Davison and is a part of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Lehigh University.

The latest news from the WUME Lab:

23 August 2015The new PRAISys project has an immediate opening for a post-doc research associate.
13 August 2015Prof. Davison presented his keynote "The Times of Our Lives" at the TAIA 2015 Workshop at SIGIR in Santiago, Chile
9 August 2015Prof. Davison will serve as co-chair of the Doctoral Consortium at SIGIR 2016 next August in Pisa, Italy.
9 August 2015Prof. Davison has agreed to serve on the program commitee for WWW 2016 next April in Montreal, Canada.
9 April 2015Prof. Davison has agreed to serve on the senior program commitee for CIKM 2015 next October in Melbourne, Australia.
30 March 2015Prof. Davison has agreed to serve on the senior program commitee for WSDM 2016 next February in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA.
1 January 2015Prof. Davison was appointed as Editor-in-Chief of ACM Transactions on the Web (TWEB).
9 December 2014Prof. Davison was recognized as an outstanding reviewer for WSDM 2015.
25 August 2014Prof. Davison returns from his sabbatical at Facebook as a visiting professor in Menlo Park, CA.
20 August 2014Zaihan presented our paper on Recommendation in Academia: A Joint Multi-Relational Model at ASONAM 2014 in Beijing, China.
6 July 2014Prof. Davison has agreed to serve as co-chair of the Web Mining Track at WWW 2015 next May in Florence, Italy.

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